1982 - The Year God Smiled on Hollywood.

1982, the year I finally finished Grade 13, also happened to be one of the greatest periods of outstanding film making of the past 50 years. The quality and quantity of terrific films from that year I think speaks for itself;

Megaforce – Barry Bostwick leads a rapid deployment counter-terrorism strikeforce. Need I say anything else? Megastunning!

Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D – Sunday the 15th is what my coolio friends and I called this little horror gem back in the day.

Tron – K2 nails this early CGI masterpiece with his spot-on post yesterday.

Butterfly – Pia Zadora, a vastly underrated actress utters early on, “Don’t it get lonely out here?” the mystery gal asks, “Or is milkin’ that cow good enough for ya?” After taking a sip of fresh cream, she licks her lips and purrs, “I like it warm with foam on it.” ….Do ya now, you dirty little whore? A personal favourite.

The Pirate Movie – Kristy McNichol and Chris Atkins in a steamy PG rated reworking of Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance? Right ON!

Superman II – A pre-bonebag Chris Reeves flies around and fights Lex Luther (Gene Hackman in his greatest role) in a film by the Richards. This one is so good it took two directors, Richard Donner and Richard Lester, to finish. Shite ham-actor Marlon Brando sued everyone and was thankfully cut from the final edit. Even better than Superman Returns if you can believe it.

Trail of the Pink Panther – The funniest of the Pink Panther series with a tight script and the always fresh Peter Sellers at his best, even though he was dead before filming began. How's that for acting ability? The sixth movie in the franchise is, in essence, just a recap of the earlier 5 films. Hmmm, that's the same as, ah … never mind.

Conan the Barbarian – Arny of Shadows. 'Nuff said

Grease 2 – The greatest musical ever? I gotta think so.

Poltergeist – A brilliant allegory on the power of television and its ability to corrupt children. Vastly misunderstood to this day, Poltergeist remains a powerful indictment of the dangers of unregulated TV viewing by youngsters.

Is it any wonder I ended up pursuing my dreams of being a video baron?

Suck on my titles, boys.


the coelacanth said...

this truly is the year that dreams are made of. or, to be dramatically correct, the year of which dreams are made. fri13 3D alone makes a year, but you've got poltergeist, conan, superman 2, tron, and a bunch of titles i've never heard of = probably the raddest year in cinema. i am happy that i will be able to tell my hopefully never born children that i was alive in this sacred year, if only 2 years of age.

megaforce sounds like it may in fact fellate my mind if i were to view it.

Dropkick said...

so much dick pulling
i'm so hot for this, really kids.
thanks for playing with daddy

Chandles said...

Grease 2 is truly a great musical. Michelle is crazy hot.