Mike Leigh on the CBC

Wednesday morning I heard the latter part of a radio interview with British director Mike Leigh on the CBC. Interesting stuff, and in light of his recent Oscar snub for Happy-Go-Lucky (as Sporgey noted below), I hunted down the video for the interview (which was actually recorded during this year's TIFF). Skip the first couple minutes to pass over some lighthearted banter and technical adjustments. The real interview starts about two minutes in... Enjoy!


Dropkick said...

mike Leigh pft,
i'd take spike leigh
over him anyday

La Sporgenza said...

Jamie Spike Leigh Curtis rocks!

La Sporgenza said...
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the coelacanth said...

imagine you had a lesbian friend who's last name (or first, for that matter) was leigh? how amazing would that be? now i wanna find one...or any friend for that matter.