It's just you and me here Joe.

An eerie cyber-silence has me thinking we should just call each other Joe and talk. It'd make more sense. This is a lot of work that could be easily avoided.

I saw 3 great movies this weekend. Call me and I'll tell you about them.



La Sporgenza said...

Looks like I spoke too soon! Enter La Kadas Locos' with his final Sector write up. Good to have you back K2.

the coelacanth said...

i was actually gonna do a post that simply had a picture of a tumbleweed blowing down a dusty ghost town road, but it seems that all kinds of things have popped up over the last 24 hours. thank god for that - things were starting to get shakey there for awhile between my flimsy "reviews" and your rantings/musings. one angry segredos-hermit and one mildly retarded chronic masturbator with disillusions of grandiose do not a blog make...

Dropkick said...

posting at the exact same time!
what are the chances?
i remember when jules posted and joe has put up a post about how jules never posts.
this is like that.
only it's way more awesome...
of grandoise indeed