SECTOR SIX SIX SIX!!! !!! !!! - The Hidden Sector

Attacking from a hidden base Dropkick has one last trick up his sleeve.

so this is truly the end of all this sector business. but i thought it fitting to finish up my love for top 5 lists to list off my favourite top 5 lists.
here are Dropkicks top 5 sectors, of the sector lists created by Dropkick.

#5 Sector #1
Indeed the sector that started this whole charade is the one i find least appealing. My top 5 films of 2008 that were released in 2008 is pretty ridiculous, Speed Racer? Hulk? whaaa? I saw some great flicks in 2008 but i think i was going for humor more than anything with this piece. I do strongly believe however, that the top 3 JCVD, Dark Knight, and Synechdoche New York were incredible films and deserve to be up there. I think i was just having a laugh with the other two.

#4 Sector #5 enter the burrito
I found it difficult to review food. I had never tried it before, and although i really dig food it just didn't feel natural going on about it. I was at a loss for certain words and found myself quickly trying to get through the damn thing. I also forgot to mention that the staff at Chino Locos add to the experience. They do fully embody the name of their establishment and make everyone feel welcomed and make you feel like Norm on Cheers whenever you enter their place. Great guys, great joint... my little write up doesn't do em' justice.

#3 Sector #2!
Wherein i rated films i had seen over the course of the 2008 that were made in another time.
I dig the list alot and still fully agree with it, though there's so much vying for a position it's hard to feel proud of this list. The write ups for every individual film could have been fleshed out a bit more, especially Melville's Army of Shadows. Although i feel like i could never really review a film of his proper. what not being a learned film critic and all. Still... not bad.

#2 SECTors #3!!! worst of 2008
I feel much more comfortable talking shit about movies than praising them. This one was a helluva lotta fun to write up and to rank. I don't think i'll ever live down the shit that is X-Files and Indiana Jones, but writing this helped. Still, i could have gone on at length. but, i've already given my two cents about these films at the time of their respective releases. X-files even had a two part smear campaign!
it was also nice to see randoms comment on that particular post. Who are these people? also when you get Kenny Chan to chime in you know you're doing something right.

#1 SECToR #4!!! Sounds
I think overall this was the best sector. Surprisingly i found it really comfortable to go over music. Felt more at ease than writing about film. I also think aesthetically it's a nice little post and the write ups are quick and to the point. This one had the most feedback that i saw personally. I've had more than one person tell me they had checked out an album on that list because of the post. and you know what? that's why i get up in the morning and contribute to this blog... it's all for you guys. thank you.

and there you have it. The Sector saga ends here.
thank you all for making it such a worthwhile and crazy ride.
let's do it again sometime


the coelacanth said...

it's cool because this is also the 6th post of the month...creepy.
here's my order:
5 - sector #1
4 - sector #3
3 - sector #2
2 - sector #5
1 - sector #4

great picture, btw - it looks like you've either fallen asleep at the show, or lee harvey oswald's ghost is hiding somehwere up in the rafters...

Dropkick said...

i am experience the rapture in that photo actually

the coelacanth said...

getting blown by an off-cam ho