drunktown feat. dropkick and some films

ok ok
fuck it... WE'LL DO IT LIVE!
ever seen that youtube vid of o'reilly... is funny. i say is funny

anyway, i saw some movies
here was one

yeawh i liked it, thought it was pretty as shit.

no literally after i've made a big breakfast with some susages it's as pretty as that morbibg rush hour to the bathroom.
in the beauty way.
it's slow and makes you think... real hard.
but honestly kids... i digest.
my fave herzog i've seen... funny ccuase errytime i pick up a new herzog i dig it more than the last.
great guy... ben j where you at? my old flame..
okok ok

the fall
yeah it was pretty. looked like the cell. funny cause it's the same guy who directed the cell. could have been amazing. great directing, great acting, great shots. just missing any of the scenes that made me as a viewer give a damn about waht was happening...
yeah.. eat that shit tarsaraamamalam
also having only one name? no last?
or fast?
that's like saying i'm KRIS
i directing this shit. eat it... love it.
too mch pride
tarsem.... i think
that;s what it was.

what else did i wathc?

joy divison
great doc... if you like that sorata thing.
see... i don't.. no i do. joy divison i love you, you anid i... we gonna go places and touch each other in different ways but tat's just hw i feel
this shoulda been called ian curtis love in cause that's waht it was.
but ian curtis = joy divison
kris = awesome
it's how it happens. life happesns sometimes
and sometimes
it's dope

who's afraid of virginia woolf
- dope...ness..mad...dope...dope...ess..mad dop.

ima say it
fubu.... ther.e.

top five awesome towns:
my town

your town

Larabanga Ghana, Africa
great little village where you can alwasys feel welcomed;
when i stayed i slepy on roofs of clayed hutts and the locals even through a celebration for my comming. if only the developed world could get on that train

Our town

my town

i n the end i only got the cheese so i'ma eat it.. good night


Anonymous said...


Call us...


the coelacanth said...

i downloaded foxlingo just for this post.

Chandles said...

If this is what blogging can be, I am going to posting wayyyy more often.

La Sporgenza said...

K2 - you gotta get rid of this post. It screams "I need help" There's a delete button eh? Use it.

Dropkick said...

delete buttons, phone numbers, doctors, i say pashaw to them all.

i like this post. i think it's informative and entertaining.
Good feedback on this one from friends, who came to the site just to check it out. i'll delete it tomorrow. after i call that helpline and make my doctors appointment.

i should review those movies for real tho,
nick cage out

the coelacanth said...

do not delete!

La Sporgenza said...

Joe - Traitor
K2 - you need new friends
K - so? Where are the posts?