Never judge a DVD by its cover part 2

This time, the comparison is a bit more judicial as it occurs between two like-minded DVD labels. This isn't Criterion vs. Universal, but rather the quite discerning Kino label vs. the UK's Eureka! Masters of Cinema imprint. Today, we're going to compare F.W. Murnau's classic vampire tale, Nosferatu. Again, the US release, which at first glance looks interesting because it is an illustration rather than some photoshopped badness, still relies on the floating head hook, along with some random castle (which looks closer to middle-Eastern than Eastern European) in the background. I do like the black hole sun, though. The much more compelling and effective (to my eyes) UK release features a frighteningly rigor mortised Count Orlok dancing from the grave flanked by rats, both of them harbingers of doom and disease. What do you think?
US Kino:
UK Eureka! Masters of Cinema:


La Sporgenza said...

The UK one is my pick. The Kino case isn't bad to be honest, just not as good as the Eureka! cover.

the coelacanth said...

i agree - i wanted to show a couple cases where the differences weren't so glaring as before, but to emphasize the different approaches taken by american and UK labels. the US one isn't at all bad, but, as you say, the UK one is just better.