Oscar poll!

I know there are only a handful of days left before the Academy Awards ceremony, but I figured, what the hey, let's gauge public opinion for that short while. I added polls on the right for each of (what I consider to be) the main categories (best film, director, actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, foreign feature and doc). The polls close at 8:00 PM, Sunday Feb. 22, so you've got up until the official ceremony begins to vote. Vote in as many of the categories as you wish, although you may only vote once in each category. Leave your picks in the comments if you wish.


the coelacanth said...

i voted:
pic - slumdog
director - van sant
lead actor - rourke
lead actress - hathaway (i think streep will win, but i can't in good conscience vote for that bag)
support actor - ledger
support actress - tomei
foreign - the class
doc - man on wire

full disclosure: these are basically bullshit guesses, as the only films i have seen on the entire list are vicky cristina barcelona, the dark knight and the wrestler, and i'd hate to see pitt/jolie win anything...

Dropkick said...

my picks are:
Picture - Slumillions
Director - Danny Boyle although it should really Be Charlie Kaufman or Darren Aronofsky
Actor - Mickey Rourke
Actress - Kate Winslet
Supporting actor - the Heath
Supporting actress - marisa
Foreign - Waltz with Bashir
Best Doc - Encounters

best song better be Jai Ho! or ima cry